July 21

My Fees

These prices are listed to give you an idea of how much I charge for my services. However, it can be different based on your needs and the size of the project.

Express Proofreading can be used when an initial editing has already been completed and you just need a second pair of eyes to take a look. The starting price is $2 per page (a standard page contains 250 words).

Basic Proofreading includes checking your project for spelling mistakes, punctuation, typos, grammar and capitalization. The starting price is $3 per page.

Copy Editing includes basic proofreading in addition to making sure your writing “flows.” So I am checking for things like the overall structure and appropriate word choice. In a nutshell, does this make sense? The starting prices is $4 per page.

Transcription fees are charged by the recorded minute and start at $1 per minute. Additional charges may apply for multiple speakers and level of clarity.

I strongly encourage you to email me so we can create a plan that is customized just for what you need.

Let me help you go from “just good enough” to “darn near perfect!”