How Transcriptionists Help Online Businesses Make More Money

Transcription is converting speech (from an audio or video) into a written or electronic document.

Some types of transcription includes:

1.) Verbatim (including words as “um” and “ah”).

2.) Near verbatim (does not include “ums,” “ahs,” “likes,” and “you knows”).

3.) Single and multiple speakers  

What can be transcribed? I am so glad you asked! A few examples include podcasts, videos, teleseminars and webinars.

Why should you consider using transcription services for your business?

    1. You can expand your audience to include not only those who listen to or watch your content, but also those who prefer to read it online. People prefer to consume content many different ways. By adding a transcribed version you are able to expand your reach to other platforms, which gives you access to people who would never have found you unless your information was in written form. Think about those who are hearing impaired, or people who may be at work and have to keep the sound off.
    2. You can add links to your transcript, which can increase sales. Clickable links that take the reader to a website you mentioned or a product you referred to can be included in your transcript, which means an increase in sales. You know have an easy, super convenient, non-salesy way to convert people into customers. How cool is that?!?
    3. You now have content for your website. If you currently have a site (or you want to create one) but never have time to write content, transcription is the answer! Once you transcribe the audio or video, you can include that, as well as the transcription, as content for your website. Now people can choose how they wish to consume your content!
    4. People can now find your content online. Imagine this: Someone stumbled upon your podcast or caught a portion of your video and loved it. He/she tells a few of their friends about it. One of them asks for your name so they can look you up and hear it from the beginning. Uh, oh! He/She can’t remember your name or the title, just some things that you said. However, if it was transcribed, all he/she would have to do is search for the pieces of text they do remember, and the video or podcast would pop up!
    5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now makes finding you online a little easier. As of right now, search engines love great WRITTEN content. Even though titles, tags and descriptions help, it does not compare to the text found in articles. More searches and links to your site means you will rank higher when it comes to page rank. This equals more traffic to your site.
    6. People can share it online. You or your listeners can share a quote from your transcribed podcast with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or a plethora of other social media sites. More shares means more traffic to your site.
    7. Create once, use multiple times in different ways. Not only can you turn your podcast or webinar into a blog post or article in your newsletter, but you can use it to create a free opt-in offer, ebook, online course, series of autoresponders, etc. This is how you create passive residual income.

Are the wheels in your head still turning? Great! Now contact me so we can create a plan to make you more money!